The Grail of Independence For Musician Exposure…

October 20, 2018
Monetizing Yourself as an Independent Artist in 2019
November 28, 2018

I take it you want to be a musician / artist and tell your story to the millions around the world. I’d like to welcome you to the realm of digital technology that simplifies your branding to make you an asset. Illuminati Grail is a musicians dream of being promoted marketed and syndicated the right way in today’s digital age. The revolt and revolution of an independent being on the same level as a major artist is here with our cross domain technology branding optimization in better terms I will explain so you may understand this industry in a business sense of value.

The era of music entertainment has redefined itself over and over again never to see a recession. In time of crisis society will still turn to music and try to find a tune to relate to. The market of digital smart technology has continued to boom and skyrocket as consumers get what classification justifies there means of features and pricing in way of life and living. Search engine are defined as the era of no technology dictionary, not only to define your name but to also brand yourself as a sole govern of your own intellect as a person that controls its physical liberties as a self owner. It’s time to free your self of what you think you know, the blueprint of any business is being founded and seen… Take that in account for you as an artist, you want to be on every site so when your looked up you come up all over the place with formatted placement that secures your exposure and raises your value. So now you have to be asking yourself how do i see this foundation print done for me as a musician?

In entertainment there are those who set a standard and those who take that standard to the next level having a trained ear knowing what sound to scout for says “Mr. Ruben J Burgos” also referred to as Mr. Dope Chef. The media mogul is a successful, respected genius with a team of music promoters and more than 20 years of experience helping indie rappers and hip-hop groups gain exposure, get radio rotation, play bigger venues, score record deals, reach wider audiences, engage with DJs, feature in blogs, get magazine write-ups, and take their careers to a higher level. Mr. Burgos founded his music promotion marketing management company in 2018 out of a passion for helping hip-hop artists push the envelope and redefine what’s possible within the genre, and today, we’re one of the leading music promotion companies for hip-hop performers in the U.S. and abroad. Our constantly growing client portfolio features some of the hottest and most recognizable names in the rap industry, ranging from up-and-comers to classic hip-hop heavyweights. Urban Media Global Network Collective Founder Mr. Ruben J Burgos has worked with many which include: Memphis Bleek, Casanova, Uncle Murda, 50 Cent, Cardi B, Troy Ave, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Fat Joe, Juelz Santana, Camron, The Game, Jadakiss, Manolo Rose, Don Q, A Boogie, Lil Cease, Lil Kim, Young M.A., Desiigner, Phresher, Dave East, Tory Lanez, Remy Ma, French Montana, etc… The services that are offered through the Founder’s company Urban Media Global Network Collective and Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network consist of:


Mr. Ruben J Burgos also referred to as Mr. Dope Chef is the Founder & Architect of Urban Media Global Network Collective and Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network. Director & Producer of Hip Hop’s Road To Riches, Actor in multiple Web Series (The Cycle, The Grind, Gimmie The Loot, Foster Sin, Let’s Go A New Vintage Story), Writer and Published Poet of “The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos”, Co-Creator & Creative Director / Brand Ambassador / Fashion Designer of Dope Chef, Record Label Owner of UMG Records, Management Company Owner of UMG Artist,  Travel Agency Owner of UMG Travel, Owner / Chief Editor of Fords Magazine, Chevy Magazine, AirCooled Magazine, Drives Magazine, UMG Magazine, Owner of UMG Spot Light Recording Studios, Founder of World Star Battle Grind among many more businesses Mr. Burgos is an independent music marketing guru focused on showcasing independent artists. The goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. He provides branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services. For more information visit | 


We are the content that matters! Spirit and Soul has no existence on media that is made to BLIND you. Bird Box in total for a new world one power society that will be ran by artificial intelligence to out last humanoids. We are the barrier on knowing what is going on around the globe as we also syndicate a united sound of music as it is the entry gate to any land.

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