Drake & Meek Mill end feud

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Drake & Meek Mill end feud

The dispute that kept Drake and Meek Mill at odds for years felt like ancient history last night, as one lucky crowd was treated to an emotional cameo from the Philadelphia rapper and a fresh start to a new friendship between two formidable MCs.

For the Saturday (Sept. 8) stop on the Aubrey and the Three Migos tour, Meek shocked Boston’s TD Garden when he rose up out of the floorboards during Drake’s set. The crowd started to lose it once they realized that Drake was throwing the spotlight to his former adversary, and Meek rolled into the verses of his “Dreams and Nightmares” intro before meeting the headliner center stage.

The two hugged it out and addressed the crowd arm-in-arm, and even worked in a game of ping-pong after the show.

Meek Mill captured the mood perfectly when he posted a photo from the unexpected moment after the show, but Drake penned an emotional note to mark the occasion on Instagram.

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